Improvement of boat ramp requires a 300 000 dollar grant

Improvement of boat ramp requires a 300 000 dollar grant

City officials from New Port Richey are planning to apply for a state grant that will cover the big part of 400 000 dollars that is necessary for repairs of a boat ramp that is located in Sims Park.

Sims Park was recently renovated and the boat ramp is one of the things that were left to be improved. There are many parts of the boat ramp that need improvement and renovation and representatives of New Port Richey have stated that they are willing to pay up to 100 000 dollars to meet the total cost of the repair, but as long as the grant is approved. They are awaiting the response from state officials for the 300 000 dollars grant and channel through which the money would arrive is already decided and it is Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Boat Ramp by Chamber of Commerce photo 1There are several aspects of the boat ramp and the surroundings that are in dire requirement of repair or improvement. Debbie Manns, City Manager, said that the focus is placed on seawall that needs repairs, ramps that must be extended and the end of the said ramps, where dredging and removal of large rocks must be done. These ramps are the gateway that allows access to Pithlachascotee River.

Public works director of the city, Robert Rivera added that the present unisex bathroom must be replaced with two bathrooms for both genders.

People that did similar job on location Voilier Martinique praised this request and they said that there is no reason for denial of this grant. But that is up to state officials and people can only hope that they will go through and accept the request for this grant.

In order not to cause any issues with the local government the conservation commission asked for resolution from city council before they even considered the request for grant. City council reviewed the situation and voted unanimously in favor of the request.


Members of city council said that everyone will profit from the speeding up of the boat ramp improvement, but they also said that boaters that navigate the river must be slowed down. This statement came from requests from residents that live along the river. Jeff Starkey, city councilman, agreed with this request which means that numerous signs will be placed along the river that will call the boaters to pay more attentio0n to idle-speed zones in and near the vicinity of the park.


The placement of these signs is not a part of boat ramp project, but Manns said that the city will try to add it, and if that is not enough the city will turn toward other sources to fulfill this request. Along the lines of this request Starkey said that the city will work towards increasing the number of law enforcement patrols on the river during the summer months.

Tranquility of the Sims Park must be maintained throughout the summer, and the signs may not achieve it, so additional patrols would punish the irresponsible boat drivers.

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